Full Name
Dr. Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh
Job Title
Director – Business Equity
Port Houston
Speaker Bio
Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh is Port Houston’s Business Equity Director. She joined Port Houston in June 2023 to lead the Business Equity Division and build on the work that has started with the Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise Development Program (MWBE) which complements the existing Small Business Enterprise Development Program (SBE). Sabeeta is responsible for the implementation and administration of supplier diversity, equity, and training/capacity building programs.

Prior to joining Port Houston, Sabeeta served as the Director of Operations and Projects at the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council responsible for the implementation of the Strategic Plans and the Operational Efficiency of the Council where she managed technology, key performance indicators and projects to improve HMSDC’s ability to operate effectively and efficiently. She was a key team member during the development and launch of HMSDC’s Diverse Business Finder and eXchange analytics/reporting tools. Sabeeta has extensive experience in management of teams, and in developing capacity building programs for international and US SMWBEs. She also brings with her over 25 years of international experience across Asia, Australia and the Caribbean. Having prior experience as a SMWBE, and as an employee with a Tropical Shipping, a Port of Palm Beach steam ship-liner responsible for cargo transshipment and port logistics is certainly handy with her role at Port Houston. Sabeeta has crossed over multiple industries in the last 25 years and various leadership roles.
Her academic achievements include a Doctor of Business Administration in Data Management Technology, an MBA in International Business, a Msc. Research and a BBA in Business Administration and Marketing.

Sabeeta is passionate about removing wealth-gap barriers and creating access to underserved communities. She has volunteered with the Rohingya refugee tribes in Asia as well as work assiduously in building out the women in STEM program for IBM across rural Malaysia. She serves on several non-profit and advisory boards in her efforts to give back.
A native of the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago, she found a home in Houston and continues to serve and give back. Sabeeta’s story is one of rising through barriers as a Caribbean girl creating a difference where she can. She is mother to two young men, ages 24 and 21 and in her spare time she likes to spend time reading and swimming. The beach is her zen zone.
Dr. Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh