Full Name
Thomas Loar
Job Title
Senior Account Sales Manager, Heat Transfer Fluids & Rolling Oils
Speaker Bio
Thomas Loar is the Senior Sales Manager Heat Transfer Fluids & Rolling Oils at ORG CHEM Group. He is responsible for strategic growth in these market segments by working with customers on sustainability initiatives through redistillation for reuse and sales of reclaimed fluids. Thomas developed the CHEM Group Carbon Footprint Calculator to allow customers to make informed decisions about end-of-life scenarios for these type products.

Thomas joined the petroleum industry in 1995; starting a lubricant reclamation business unit, and working with customers to reduce lubricant usage through proper condition monitoring programs. He holds the Certified Lubrication Specialist designation from the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, and a Machinery Lubrication Engineer certification from the International Council of Machinery Lubrication. Thomas has degrees from Clemson University in Economics and Psychology and did his post graduate work in Agricultural & Applied Economics.
Thomas Loar