Tuesday, November 29, 2022
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
9:05 AM

• How does corporate strategy need to change to accommodate the energy transition and the low carbon journey?
• How will policy and regulatory changes affect operations?
• Implementing energy transition strategies and improving carbon tracking

9:35 AM

• Understanding the ever-changing policy landscape and its role in achieving net zero
• Embracing alternative energy and climate targets
• Setting ambitious reduction targets across the value chain

10:05 AM

• Understanding and implementing the guidelines on how to measure and track your greenhouse gas emissions
• Driving alignment on reporting practices and metrics to use
• Drafting consistent and unified compliance requirements for the oil and gas industry

10:35 AM
11:05 AM

• Ensuring accurate attribution, and effective management of supply chain emissions
• Managing uncertainty in calculating scope 3 emissions: How can we reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain in the presence of unreliable data?

11:35 AM

• Estimating scope 3 emissions across the value chain
• Unpacking the best methods for calculating scope 3 emissions

12:05 PM

• Exploring the reality of tracking scope 3 emissions
• Accounting for differing data quality across parts of the supply chain
• Unpacking the key challenges facing organizations in including scope 3 emissions

12:45 PM
1:45 PM

This session will explore strategies to efficiently track and report emissions in the aviation sector and how to apply learnings to the oil and gas industry.

2:25 PM

• Improving the methodology and process of tracking carbon emissions
• What role does technology play in tracking carbon emissions

2:55 PM

• How do you promote collaboration and accountability across the value chain?
• How to identify different emissions sources
• How can organizations work together to reduce emissions in Europe?

3:30 PM
4:00 PM
4:30 PM

• Strategies for successfully implementing carbon management technology without impacting operations
• Unpack the skills, governance framework and capital allocation you’ll need; and learn how to measure and track success
• How can organizations work together to drive the energy transition in Europe?

5:00 PM
5:05 PM
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
9:05 AM

• Focusing on environmental sustainability
• Exploring the opportunities, challenges, and future of ESG

9:35 AM
10:05 AM

• Enhancing transparency in carbon reporting
• Aligning operational decisions with corporate culture and ESG
• Driving efforts to build, measure, and report on sustainability commitments

10:45 AM
11:15 AM

• Improving the transparency, accountability and traceability of greenhouse gas emissions through blockchain technology
• Providing accurate, reliable, standardised, and readily available data on carbon emissions across the value chain
• Implementing instant authentication, verification of real-time data and clear data records

11:45 AM

• Effectively tracking carbon footprints
• Simulating the impact of corrective measures
• Providing a roadmap with realistic targets

12:15 PM

• Exploring the current state of emissions monitoring and technology
• Understanding the role existing and emerging technology will play in advancing emissions monitoring

12:55 PM
1:55 PM

• Reliability and accuracy of data - accounting for differing data quality in different parts of the supply chain
• Managing the presence of unreliable data

2:25 PM
2:55 PM

• Aligning emissions accounting standards to the reporting framework established by OGMP
• Driving transparency through accurately reporting and comparing performance across companies in the industry

3:25 PM
4:55 PM

• Dealing with the lack of standards and transparency in reporting methods in the oil and gas industry
• Dealing with complexity, uncertainty, and differing options for estimation and aggregation in GHGs measurement and reporting
• Implementing efficient measures and the use of appropriate reporting schemes to meet the disclosure demands of stakeholders

5:25 PM

Startup Session: As part of our support for advanced solutions and technologies, The Energy Conference Network (ECN) will allocate this session for all start-ups offering smart and innovative solutions for accurate and clean energy emissions tracking. If you are a Startup and provide carbon and methane measuring, reporting, verification, and tracking services using Blockchain, IOT, AI or multi-sensor technologies, then this session is for you.

5:35 PM
5:45 PM
5:50 PM
Time Zone: (UTC+01:00) London, Edinburgh [Change Time Zone]