Full Name
Changsu Lee
Job Title
CEO and Founder
Allganize Inc.
Speaker Bio
Changsu Lee is the CEO and founder of Allganize Inc., where he developed a proprietary, powerful AI solution that utilizes natural language understanding to automate business workflows. An expert in deep learning, process automation, and analytics, Changsu previously was the CEO of 5Rocks, an advanced analytics platform geared for mobile developers. With the significant number of game developers adopting 5Rocks’ platform, the company was successfully acquired by Tapjoy in 2014. During his tenure at Tapjoy, Changsu held an executive position as Senior Vice President of Platforms, where he managed the analytics platform for mobile App’s different life cycles. Changsu holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science, specializing in natural language processing, at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.
Changsu Lee