Full Name
Laura McIntyre
Job Title
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Speaker Bio
Laura McIntyre is the Chief Operating Officer at Envirosoft Corporation, a leading provider of environmental and regulatory software solutions for emissions data management and reporting. Prior to joining Envirosoft, Laura has held roles of Chief Technology Officer, VP of Engineering, and Production Operations Engineering Leader. She gained world class technical experience working for industry leading SAGD operators and was recognized by the 2016 Young Women in Energy Award for her leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and a demonstrated initiative to make a difference and change the face of energy.

Laura is passionate about both technical and personal leadership, cultivating fun and creative environments in strategic and execution planning. Throughout her career, she has provided empowering mentorship for her teams and serves as the Corporate Partnership Lead for the DirectHer Network. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary and is a registered Professional Engineer with APEGA.
Laura McIntyre