Full Name
Jason Libersky
Job Title
Chief Product Officer
Verity Tracking
Speaker Bio
Jason Libersky, Chief Product Officer, Verity Tracking 

For over a decade Jason has been at the forefront of real supply-chain decarbonization from developing emission capture technologies for oil and gas production to the creation of digital MRV software solutions for emissions quantification, differentiated commodity production, the creation digitized assets, and both the reporting and transaction of environmental performance across the supply chain. Jason pioneered the first generations of “differentiated commodities” starting in 2011 and his work in hydrocarbon production has directly contributed to keeping well over 4 billion cubic feet of methane out of the atmosphere. Jason is now extending this work into regenerative agriculture and the creation of low carbon intensity renewable fuels, the creation of new environmental products and de-risking instruments, and the financialization of sustainable practices to accelerate and orderly energy transition.
Jason Libersky