If you are registered for the conference, you will have access to the event app. Please follow the steps below to download. 

1. Download the Attendee Mobile app to your phone. You can see a preview of the app using the buttons below. 

2. Scan the QR code to go directly to the event. You will have to login before gaining access to any content on the app. 

Information about the Mobile App

The first thing you will see is the Login Instructions page. The pages below that will not show until you are logged in. 

When you tap the Agenda Page, you will have access to the agenda, as well as the opportunity to go to the Event Hub where the live streaming is taking place. You will have to login to this page, as it is only accessible to registered delegates. 

Login for the Event Hub

You can chat with other attendees by sending them a direct chat message in the app. 

1. Tap on Additional Information

2. Select Registrants

3. Tap on the registrant you would like to message.

4. Tap on the speech bubbles in the upper right hand corner. You can also mark people as a favorite by tapping the heart.

5. A page will open that looks like you are texting on your phone. Type your message at the bottom of the page and send. 

If you have notifications enabled for the app, you will receive one when someone sends you a message. 



You can also check for messages by tapping on the 3 white lines in the upper left hand corner of the home page and looking for a red dot by the speech bubbles and the word Chat  towards the top of the page. 

Stay Social on the Activity Page

To post to the activity page:

1. Open the page

2. Click on the speech bubbles in the lower right hand corner

3. Compose your message.

4. You can add an image from your photos or by taking one with your camera.

5. When you are finished with your message, tap on the airplane in the upper right hand corner to post. 

If you use the event hashtag (#CTRC22) when posting to Twitter, your post will automatically be added to the activity page in the app.