Date: Friday, March 31, 2023 - 9:00 - 3:30 

Workshop: Positioning your Business to Prepare and Respond to Increased Levels of Scrutiny on Carbon Data Tracking and Reporting

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: $795

Overview: Across the industry more attention and scrutiny is being given to environmental issues and business operations. The accountabilities for accurate and consistent reporting on carbon, methane and other regulatory-mandated reports is critical for growth, client and investor confidence. 
This workshop focusses on helping delegates to understand how to close the gaps of reporting inconsistency across dependent organizations and industry.

Benefits of attending include: 

● Building reporting agility to enhance data quality and timeliness for assurance ready disclosure 
● Embracing digitalization and developing data-driven models powered by next generation technologies 
● Using edge-based analytics and Blockchain solutions to translate operational data into measurable carbon metrics 
● Prioritizing Emissions Data Reporting Capability across your ESG Roadmap to Ensure Compliance with Mandatory Reporting Requirements 
● Understanding the proposed rules that would enhance and standardize climate disclosure requirement 
● Establishing controls over climate related data, Identifying climate risks and opportunities 
● Preparing for accelerated reporting timelines 

Facilitator: Dave Gajadhar, RG Academy