Full Name
Samantha Holroyd
Job Title
Golden Advisory Services & Independent Board Member
Speaker Bio
Samantha (Sam) Holroyd is a contributing independent director on several boards spanning public, private and not-for-profit corporations. She is currently active on the board of Chord Energy Corporation, Amerant Bancorp, and NACD Texas TriCities Chapter. She has been qualified as a Certified Director by the NACD, is a registered professional Engineer and is active with NACD promoting board service governance, activities, and initiatives.

Ms. Holroyd’s professional experience spans over 32 years and includes management and leadership roles in real asset operations, capital allocation and deployment, mergers and acquisitions, global consulting and advisory services, investment banking and private equity investment. Across her career, Ms. Holroyd has worked internationally, developed and managed multidisciplinary and diverse operating teams, held capital deployment and allocation responsibilities, completed M&A&D activities totaling over $5 Billion and integrated businesses and operating teams.

In her Board Service, Ms. Holroyd has contributed and carried leadership roles (Chair) on Nominating, Environmental, Social and Governance (NESG) Committees, Audit and Reserves (A&R) Committees and Sustainability Committee. Ms. Holroyd has passion around structured Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability Initiatives integrated with Strategic goals, and board diversity.

Ms. Holroyd holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and has been recognized by Hart Energy’s "25 Most Influential Women in Energy" and Directors and Boards' "Directors to Watch (June 2021)". Ms. Holroyd enjoys speaking publicly on Corporate Purpose and Corporate Strategy, energy transition and professional evolution to support the progression of women in business.
Samantha Holroyd