About The Conference

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) quickly became the focus of many investors in the Oil and Gas industry after President Joe Biden brought the U.S. back into the Paris Agreement, making ESG metrics a mandatory demand before any investment.

Thirty seven oil companies in the U.S. have recently set ESG goals and science-based emission reduction targets that include reporting Carbon and Gas emissions as per a financial filings analysis of companies done by Ernst and Young.

There’s always been a certain level of emissions reporting in the industry, but it mainly included Scope 1 and 2. IHS Markit data, however, shows that Scope 3 emissions in 2019 accounted for about 88% of total GHG emissions from the oil and gas sector.

At our inaugural Carbon Tracking and Reporting Conference, taking place on March 30-31,2022 in Houston, we will:

  • Share the most recent laws, regulations and frameworks that have been put in place for better tracking of carbon emissions in the oil and gas industry
  • Highlight what some of the largest oil companies are doing in this regard
  • Discuss critical solutions for significant existing challenges such as tracking and reporting processes, accurately tracking scope three emissions and a better understanding of Carbon accounting
  • Showcase the most recent tracking, monitoring & reporting technologies, A.I. and software in the market. 

Who Will Attend?

C level/V.P./Director/Managers of:

  • HSE
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability, Partnership, Social Impact
  • Corporate Sustainability and reporting
  • Carbon auditing
  • Environment and Supply Chain Innovation
  • ESG, Responsible Sourcing, Traceability, Engagement
  • Climate Integration 
  • Sustainable Finance, Investment, Analytic
  • Environmental 
  • Energy Transition 
  • Environmental Emissions Reporting, Permits and Compliance
  • Business Development/Marketing

Join the Program

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